10 Top Consumer Discretionary ETFs to Buy


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Sourced from: https://www.kiplinger.com/slideshow/investing/T022-S001-the-10-best-consumer-discretionary-etfs-to-buy/index.html

Consumer discretionary stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been among the most closely watched area of the market this year. That’s because consumer spending, and the health of the economy broadly, are up in the air.

Consider the words of Brad Sorenson, Charles Schwab’s managing director of market and sector analysis: “The outlook for American consumer spending appears to us to be solid, with consumer confidence still strong, a tight labor market and wages trending higher. However, spending on traditional retail items has been cautious and competition among retailers may limit profitability, while recent softening in auto sales and housing is worth paying attention to.”

To wit, consumer spending in January (reporting was delayed because of the government shutdown) recovered less than expected, sparking worries among economists. But investors have been undeterred. Consumer discretionary stocks are the second-best performing sector on Wall Street this year (+18.6%), lagging only technology (+23.4%).

Here are 10 of the best consumer discretionary ETFs to buy if you’re still optimistic about the American economy and consumer, and want to strike while the iron remains hot. These funds hold dozens if not hundreds of consumer stocks, allowing you to defray risk while investing in various slices of this consumer sector.

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