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Core Investment Institute provide financial, investment education workshops and programs.

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core value

We embrace and drive change towards our community to enpower them to meet their goals. We hope to change people lifes as how we changed ours.


To be the top international financial institution. Using modern, simple systems to create financial services and education programs.


To educate, inspire and empower people to reach their investment and financial goals.

about us

Founder — Jeremy Tan

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I come from a humble and mid-income family. When i was very young, my father was reallocated to Malaysia due to his job and my mum is a full-time housewife. Our family finance was very tight and i was given little pocket money for my studies. As i grew older and thought of starting a family, i realized that the cost of living is getting higher and i felt how my parents were going through previously. The vicious cycle is repeating. I do not want to end up like my father, where my children could hardly spend time with me. I told myself that i need to get out of this rat race and follow my dreams. The only way to have a better living is to earn passive income.

I started my investing journey since December 2013. My current portfolio has gain 15% since then. I believe if I continue to invest in myself and in the market, my money will work harder for me. I aim to be financial free in a period of a few years. I am confident that my investments will give me a better life as well as my family. Currently, I spend 2 hours a month monitoring my investments and i do not have to worry about it as I have system.

"Investing isn't about beating others at their game. It's about controlling yourself at your own game."

Supporting Members

    Trainer — Tony Tan
    Assistant Trainer — Jordan Loh
    Assistant Trainer — Cathlyn Liew
    IT Professional — Ken Tan

"We inspire, encourage more people to find their mission, passion in life and to pursue it."


Share Valuation


A system to determine the true value of the stock/company

Fundamental Analysis


How to know the true value of the stock/company

Technical Analysis


Find the best time to enter the market

Technical Analysis

Cash Flow

Earning consistent passive income


By using our application with share valuation strategies to minimise your investment risk.


NICES — The defensive structure of a company


CORE — A method to evaluate a good company


  LIST — Understand risks and control them well

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