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Core Invest Institute focus on Professional Education

Core Invest Institute is committed to share the knowledge and skills of investing, to empower individuals the know how, to apply the strategies and reduce risk through risk management and diversification.

We are committed to share the knowledge and skills of technical analysis, to empower individuals the know how, to identify entry and exit points, decision making based on market conditions, reduce risk further when investing or trading.

e d u c a t i o n

We are committed to share the knowledge and skills of options trading, to empower individuals the know how, from basic to advance, managing and repair strategies which what fund managers and bankers do.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is becoming increasingly more important for your personal health and well-being in a fast-paced, modern world. Core Invest Institute is committed to empower individuals to create active income to sustain their lifestyle.

Our education coverage


Stocks, Bonds, REITS, ETFs, Indexes, Futures, Commodities, Options

Technical Analysis

Price Action, Indicators, Oscillators, Chart Pattern Trading, Swing Trading, Behaviour Trading, Market Cycle, Micro, Macro-Economics, Mind Analysis

Blockchain Related

Blockchain basic, Bitcoin/Etherum Smart contract, DAO, ERC, EIP, Dapps, Gas, ICO, IEO, IDO, NFTs Metaverse

Core Invest Institute focus on Technology

t e c h n o l o g y

The Next-Gen AI-Driven Robo-Mentor Investment Research Platform

BASIC FEATURES (Subscription is Free)
✅ Basic Dashboard for Market Overview and Sentiments
✅ User Risk Profile Analysis
✅ Global Market Analysis
✅ Global Economic News and Calendar
✅ Fundamental Analysis of more than 7,000 stocks
✅ Technical Analysis with a Sentiment Barometer
✅ Guru Portfolio Analysis
✅ Unlimited Watchlist
✅ Customizable Simulated Portfolio
✅ Top 10 Crypto Watchlist
✅ 100% Real Support Community

Bull Bear Vector

PRO VERSION (Smart, Complex and Customizable environment, for the savvy to the sophisticated investors)
✅ All Basic Features of BBV
✅ All Pro Stocks Features of BBV
✅ GEM Options Ranking Scanner
✅ Automated Stocks Shortlist for Options
✅ Options Scanner FIS Strategy
✅ Options Scanner RBS Strategy
✅ Options Scanner Bull Put Strategy
✅ Options Scanner Bear Call Strategy
✅ Entry Set-up for Options Strategies Execution (hands-on)

h e l l o

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Our Expertise

We believe in sharing 100% investment knowledge, skills and strategies so that our community can invest and trade the smart, simple and safe way.

Fundamental Analysis - Stocks Investing 0
Technical Analysis - Charting 0
Professional Options Trading 0
Risk Management Analysis 0
Mentorship, Coaching and Support 0

Jeremy Tan

Jeremy Tan is a full time stock and options trader who manages an investment portfolio with 20% return on investment. His strategies focuses on Mid to Long term investments such as high growth Stocks, Commodities & Options. He believes in investing in strong companies that appreciates in the Long Run. He understands that the market is unpredictable and volatile due to various market conditions therefore he is well updated with the latest news, events & investment strategies. Jeremy started his investment journey over 10 years ago focusing on stocks and options investment. With a focus to build a supportive local community, he founded Core Invest Institute with Waimin.

Waimin Foo

Waimin holds a Pharmacist degree and an MBA. Twenty years in APAC management in Healthcare and currently a full-time stock & options trader who manages an investment portfolio of 60% ROI. His strategies focus on short to mid-term investments such as Stocks, Options and Options of Index Futures using Momentum, Swing and Scalping applications. He believes in having a well-planned strategy; every trade needs a solid set-up to profit successfully. He is well-versed in technical analysis knowledge and applies diligently to the current market. He believes that a good entry is far better than repairing one. Over the past 20 years, he has been a trader in Stocks, Unit Trusts, and Structured Notes & Options investments, and he teaches Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Options Trading.

c o m m u n i t y

Core Invest Institute focus on community support

CII Community is an online community to support investors & traders who are seeking investment expertise, collaboration and growth. Tired of investing and celebrating your success alone? Join us.

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Access our Core Community forum to discuss and share investment ideas and discuss stock tips

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Download our free stocks and options guides to understand how the stock market works

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Join live members-only webinars to discuss trends, Q&A and share tips


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