Bull Bear Vector is the AI Driven Investment Research Platform

BASIC FEATURES (Subscription is Free)
– Basic Dashboard for Market Overview and Sentiments
– User Risk Profile Analysis
– Global Market Analysis
– Global Economic News and Calendar
– Fundamental Analysis of more than 7,000 stocks
– Technical Analysis with a Sentiment Barometer
– Guru Portfolio Analysis
– Unlimited Watchlist
– Customizable Simulated Portfolio
– Top 10 Crypto Watchlist
– 100% Real Support Community

PRO VERSION (Smart, Complete and Customizable environment, for the savvy to the sophisticated investors)
– All Basic Features of BBV
– All Pro Stocks Features of BBV
– GEM Options Ranking Scanner
– Automated Stocks Shortlist for Options
– Options Scanner FIS Strategy
– Options Scanner RBS Strategy
– Options Scanner Bull Put Strategy
– Options Scanner Bear Call Strategy
– Entry Set-up for Options Strategies Execution (hands-on)


No more losing money for months

Sam had been trading stocks for several years, but the results were not what he had expected. He had been losing money for months, and his portfolio was slowly shrinking. He knew he had to make a change.

He decided to switch from trading stocks to options. He had heard about the potential for higher profits but also knew there was greater risk involved. In order to sustain his trading activities, he borrowed money from family and friends.

The debt mounted over the next few years, but eventually, Sam could pay everyone back. He learned technical analysis during this time and wanted to build his strategy from it. He joined Core Invest Institute’s CPO course and learned how to adjust his steps. It was an important milestone for him.

Sure enough, Sam’s new strategy eventually paid off. He began making consistent profits, and over time his confidence grew. He knew that the key to successful trading was finding the right balance between risk and reward, but he also learned the importance of psychology. Traders must remain disciplined and aware of their own psychological biases.

Sam had come a long way since his initial failures. He was now making consistent profits in options trading and was doing what he loved. He knew there would be mistakes along the way, but he was confident in his abilities. He was now more aware of his risks and how to manage them. Ultimately, Sam found that the essential skill in trading was the ability to discover oneself.